Friday Lyric Quiz, 436 (In Which We Bid Adieu to White Pants)

Typically I don’t do back-to-back themes, but given that Labor Day weekend is upon us (quite tragically), I wanted to craft a quiz honoring the “songs of the summer.” Not the songs that necessarily mention (hot fun in the) “Summertime,” but the songs that indelibly take us back to a sunny moment in time. In 1988 it was Aerosmith’s “Rag Doll” (at least in my parents’ den it was).  In 1989 it was The Cult’s “Fire Woman.”

There is no rhyme or reason to what songs have staying power throughout the hottest months of the year. Part radio airplay, part catchiness factor, part Rolling Stone lauding the single as “the next sure-fire summertime anthem” or some similar superlative.

But with this quiz, let’s reflect back on the last 10 years, shall we? The hints below – out of chronological order of course – are my choices for 2002-2011 summer anthems. Not even necessarily songs I LIKED, mind you, but ones I judged were the omnipresent hit of that particular summer.  It’s all subjective, but let me know if you disagree after you take the quiz. Brief commentary on each track to follow next week.

Meanwhile, enjoy the last semi-official weekend of summer, look forward to Sunday regular-season football and cable-knit sweaters, and hope Indian Summer stretches clear to Thanksgiving.

Friday Lyric Quiz #436

1.  “You can run into my arms, it’s okay, don’t be alarmed, come into me” (2007)

2. “I heard that you were talking sh*t and you didn’t think that I would hear it, people hear you talking like that, getting everybody fired up” (2005)

3.  “Mama’s telling me I should think twice, but left to my own devices I’m addicted, it’s a crisis!” (2010)

4.  “I wish that I could take it all away. And be the one who catches all your tears, that’s why I need you to hear” (2004)

5.  “Control your poison babe, roses have thorns they say ” (2008)

6.  “Stop placin’, time wastin’, I gotta a friend with a pole in her basement” (2002)

7.  “When you leave I’m begging you not to go Call your name two, three times in a row” (2003)

8. “Ever since I was little, ever since I was little, it looked like fun – and it’s no coincidence I’ve come” (2006)

9.  “She’s a California dime but it’s time for me to quit her” (2011)

10.  “I know that we’ll have a ball, if we get down and go out and just lose it all” (2009)

Answers, Friday Lyric Quiz #435

1.  “Beware, she’s scheming, she’ll make you think you’re dreaming” (early 90s)
Poison, Bel Biv Devoe

2. “I couldn’t wait for the summer and the Warped Tour, I remember it’s the first time that I saw her there” (early 2000s)
The Rock Show, blink-182

3.  “And I, take it just a little bit … I, hold my breath and count to ten” (early 2000s)
Breathe, Michelle Branch

4.  “Johnny made a record, went straight up to number one” (mid-70s)
Shooting Star, Bad Company

5.  “Move your body, out on the floor … put your troubles aside, and start living” (early 2010s)
Yeah (3x), Chris Brown

6.  “Members only, hyponotizers, move through the room like ambulance drivers” (mid-90s)
Where It’s At, Beck

7.  “I got my head done, when I was young. It’s not my problem, it’s not my problem” (late 90s)
Song #2, Blur

8. “You’re the right kind of sinner, to release my inner fantasy” (late 70s)
Heartbreaker, Pat Benetar

9.  “Girl, I promise you, now my love is true, this is where my heart belongs” (early 2000s)
Back Here, BBMak

10.  “Shining like a diamond, rolling with the dice, standing on the ledge, show the wind how to fly” (mid-2000s)
Have a Nice Day, Bon Jovi


3 thoughts on “Friday Lyric Quiz, 436 (In Which We Bid Adieu to White Pants)

  1. re: #9. YES! I was thinking this week that this may have to be our 2011 video song—following in the footsteps of Hey Soul Sister and Party in the USA.

    Their name is stupid, however.

    • Yes – I am OBSESSED with this one. So mindless and yet so brilliant. And Sam from ‘Glee’ is a) in the video and b) brothers with one of the band members. Their band name is a tribute to their first crazed fan, which makes me laugh.

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