Yes I “Can” (In Which I Fear the Wrath of Greenpeace)

Twice in as many days, I have been surprised and mildly frustrated by the unavailability of recycling receptacles at “green” grocery stores. Last Monday, I failed to find one at Whole Foods (until I was checking out).

Where Were You?

And the next day, there were none to be found anywhere at my friendly neighborhood Trader Joe’s. Sometimes I have a Diet Coke or La Croix (fizzy water) with me when I run errands. One single can.

It’s not a big deal, of course, but in my addled brain where perception is reality, it becomes a tough decision of what kind of judgment I want to be saddled with.

My first option is to simply toss my six inches of aluminum into the first trash can I see, which would of course mean I hate the earth and America and babies and kittens. God forbid anyone ever say anything to me about it; I wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.

Option two is awkwardly wielding my work bag, the empty can, and my grocery cart or basket. I chose this path at Whole Foods (until I checked out and saw a proper dumping ground).  At Trader Joe’s, I attempted more of the same until finally giving up and resorting to – gasp – a trash can.

Mind you, I recycle at home and I try to conserve when possible (and I fully intend to brake for animals…) but saving one can from one landfill isn’t actually a huge priority to me personally. If it were, I’d probably never drink canned beverages in the first place (though they stay sooo cold and taste sooo good).  Nope, it’s more about my fear of being judged that, yet again, puts me in an awkward situation. As if anyone is even paying attention… and if they were, they’d be more distracted by the fact that I’m listening to Kelly Clarkson at deafening levels.


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