Friday Lyric Quiz, #440 (In Which Nirvana is Again Honored)

I’ve talked a bit about Nirvana this week, as last Saturday (9/24) marked two decades since the release of Nevermind.  Yawn, blurg, overrated, tortured a’hole, black Converse All-Stars, blah blah blah.  I’m writing the quiz, so bear with me. Today’s theme – as it was on the 15th (10th?) anniversary of Kurt’s death – is all things Nirvana.  Note that nearly every song is “early 90s,” because, clearly.

Serious fans will know instantly from the mere little snippets of lyrics.  Non-fans may take this opportunity to dive back into a little catalog we call BleachNevermindIn Utero.  Yeah folks, just three studio albums.  (Props to MTV Unplugged in New York as well). Whether a fan or not, you must admit that, at one point, Nirvana meant something to someone, and for that reason alone, they will be missed.

Answers to Friday Lyric Quiz #439

1. “Cut myself angel’s hair and baby’s breath” (early 90s)

2. “With eyes so dilated, I’ve become your pupil” (early 90s)

3. “After dinner, I had ice cream, I fell asleep, and watched TV” (early 90s)

4. “Spring is here again, reproductive glands” (early 90s)

5. “I will move away from here, tou won’t be afraid of fear” (early 2000s)

6. “Our little group has always been and always will until the end” (early 90s)

7. “I do pick a number too, I do keep a date with you” (mid-90s)

8. “She caught me off my guard, it amazes me, the will of instinct” (early 90s)

9. “Find my nest of salt, everything is my fault” (early 90s)

10. “Sunday morning is every day for all I care” (early 90s)

Answers to Friday Lyric Quiz #438

1. “Rain comes pouring down, falling from blue skies, words without a sound coming from your eyes” (late 90s)
All For You, Sister Hazel

2. “Even the man in the moon disappeared, somewhere in the stratosphere” (late 2000s)
Second Chance, Shinedown

3. “I shoulda learned to play them drums. Look at that mama, she got it sticking in the camera, man, we could have some fun” (mid-80s)
Money For Nothing, Dire Straits

4. “Now I know, that I had to borrow, beg and steal and lie and cheat” (early 2010s)
Forget You, Cee-Lo Green

5. “Under the pale moon for so many years I’ve wondered who you are” (mid-90s)
The Sign, Ace of Base

6. “Mack like mayors, ball like Lakers, they told us to leave but bet they can`t make us” (late 90s)
Cowboy, Kid Rock

7. “No one can find the rewind button, boys so cradle your head in your hands ” (mid-00s)
Breathe (2 AM), Anna Nalick

8. “One more shot for us, another round. Please fill up my cup, don’t mess around” (early 2010s)
Party Rock Anthem, LMFAO

9. “And I won’t take no if that’s your answer, at least, that’s my philosophy” (mid-80s)
Stay the Night, Chicago

10. “And follow me stereo jungle child, love is the kill, your heart’s still wild” (mid-80s)
The Warrior, Scandal


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