Hanson: The Musical Ride Tour (In Which I Shamelessly Try for More Site Traffic)

In the short life of my blog, far and away the most “organic” traffic has arrived after curious cyber-surfers (is that still a valid noun?) Google/Bing “Hanson.” How my ill-trafficked blog even shows up in the firt 20 pages of results is beyond me, but I’ll take it. This post is my most-read entry of all time, typically getting a couple dozen views each day. Hey. Gotta start small.

My master plan is taking shape. The plan to convince just a few folks every year that Hanson is a musical force with which to be reckoned. (Hmm. Sometimes a phrase loses some punch when expressed in proper grammatical fashion. Anyway.) Hanson evangelism. While obvious that the people reading this entry are likely fans themselves (why else would they be Googling?), it still makes me feel good to be part of their crusade.

Let’s share a few more songs, shall we?

“Optimistic” (Radiohead cover)
Thinking ‘Bout Something *Weird Al alert!
Crazy Beautiful

I do have new Hanson news to report, however. I caught one night of their “Musical Ride” tour last Wednesday. They are using their latest tour to focus on one entire studio album each night (Springsteen style) and I lucked out because the night I was there, the boys played every track of Underneath, my personal favorite. They did several other songs (including a stripped-down acoustic “Mmm Bop”). All told, it was a tight gig of more than two hours. The more amazing the show, the more acute the PCD. Small price to pay.

My friends Sardine and Sheena and I vowed to stand in line next year and score front row seats (they always play the House of Blues, which is a general-admission venue). The bouncer told us that girls start lining up at SIX AM (!), so I’m already planning for Thermoses of Bloody Marys.


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