Who’s Up for a Game of Hangman? (In Which I Stump the Office)

For the past several months at work, there is an ever-persistent game of Hangman in play. Usually one round per day or day-and-a-half.

The crudely scrawled papers (see example below) sit on the desk of this poor kid Steve, who drew the proverbial short straw to be situated on the corner that leads one way to the kitchen and one way to the bathroom. Throughout the day, as we all go to and fro, the solvers make guesses and the puzzle creator has to keep up by filling in the blanks or feeding the gallows.

Best. Song. Eva.

The rules are fairly simple. The person who creates the puzzle draws the gallows, provides a blank space for letter guesses, and gives a category clue: “TV character,” “historical event,” etc. Want to guess a vowell? Pony up a quarter. Typically, the person who solves the previous puzzle creates the next one, but some people just don’t have the guts (or the useless brain energy) to stick to this particular guideline.

For whatever reason, despite the game being wide open to my company of about 85, I have solved or created about 50% of all the puzzles that have darkened our hallowed (no pun intended) walls. Maybe it’s my love of harmless diversions (or all things pop culture). More likely it’s due to my every-hour trips to the kitchen and/or bathroom.

Today, without thinking twice about it, I created a hangman puzzle so epic, so damn-near unsolvable, that I may need to save the paper for laminating.

The puzzle is 10 letters long. None of the letters are duplicated. By the end, 16 letters had been guessed, only ONE of which (“D”) was successfully used in the puzzle. By my math, that’s 15 failed letters and 10 useable letters. So my co-workers had guessed ALL BUT ONE incorrect letter in the entire 26-character alphabet.


So, folks, let’s see if you can do better.

Category: “[Our Creative Director’s] Favorite Band” (Note: there is an understood irony behind this clue)

Letters guessed: S, T, C, Q, V, A ($0.25 wasted!), H, M, N, D, Z, W, F, P, R, X.

_ _ _ _

_ _ D

_ _ _

Any guesses, folks? Get it right, and just maybe I’ll let you work the laminating machine.


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