Friday Lyric Quiz, 443 (In Which I Honor Kelly, Carrie, Adam, and Clay?)

I never really cared until I met you

Okay, first of all, I need to address Eddy-Grant-gate. I was reprimanded a number of times for calling him a ‘one-hit wonder’ when it fact he did provide the theme for the Kathleen Turner/Michael Douglas romance-adventure, Romancing the Stone. 

That’s technically my bad, although when was the last time you heard this cut on Sirius XM 80s on 8?  Or heard it in a karaoke bar?  Tone Loc’s two hits?  You still hear both of them, folks.  (And sometimes it is hard to tell them apart, both being slow jams about knocking boots.  Oh, there’s another one-hitter – Candyman.  But I digress.)

Moving on.

Last Friday night, through a series of texts, I helped my dear friend Molly create an all-American Idol Spotify playlist. But these weren’t the best performances ON Idol (Carrie doing ‘Alone,’ obvs – 1:06 to 1:10 gives me chills EVERY. TIME.), they were hits that Idol contestants had following their run on the show.

Call it what you will, but that little talent competition has yielded more than a few actual success stories.  So either Simons Cowell and Fuller are really THAT GOOD, or the current musical landscape is really THAT BAD.  Maybe some of both.

Today’s lyric quiz features 10 of those post-Idol success stories – some have seen more fame and fortune than others, but all have hit the charts at least one.

Hope everyone is having a good holiday weekend and looking forward to Season 11 of Idol, which is right around the corner.  I am only doing one of these things – guess which.

Friday Lyric Quiz #443

1.  “Even in the daylight, shine on, and when it’s late at night you can look inside – you won’t feel so alone” (late 2000s)

2.  “How come I’d never hear you say, ‘I just wanna be with you’? I guess you never felt that way…” (mid-2000s)

3.  “There might have been a time when I would let you slip away. I wouldn’t even try, but I think you could save my life” (early 2010s)

4. “But somehow I’m still alive inside, you took my breath, but I survived” (late 2000s)

5. “So why does your pride Make you run and hide Are you that afraid of me” (late 2000s)

6. “Blowin’ away, blowin’ away, can make this something good? Cause it’s all misunderstood.” (mid-2000s)

7. “I’m over your hands, and I’m over your mouth. Trying to drag me down and fill me with self doubt” (late 2000s)

8. “If hearts were unbreakable, then I could just tell you where I stand, I would be the smartest man” (early 2000s)

9. “You got me hypnotized, so mesmerized, and I’ve just got to know ” (late 2000s)

10. “Right now, he’s probably buying her some fruity little drink ’cause she can’t shoot whiskey” (mid-2000s)

Answers to Friday Lyric Quiz #442

1.  “I take that back: hope you’re doing fine, and if I had a dollar, I might give you ninety-nine” (early 90s)
Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong, Spin Doctors (other hit: Two Princes)

2.  “Oh, I know your back hurts from working on the tractor, how do you take your coffee my sweet” (late 90s)
Where Have All the Cowboys Gone, Paula Cole (other hit: I Don’t Wanna Wait)

3.  “The road has got me hypnotized and I’m speeding into a new sunrise” (mid-70s)
Radar Love, Golden Earring (other hit: Twilight Zone)

4. “You claim you still care for me, but your heart and soul needs to be free” (late 80s)
You Keep Me Hangin On, Kim Wilde (other hit: Kids in America) 

5. “Smack it up, flip it, rub it down, oh, no” (early 90s)
Do Me, Bel Biv Devoe (other hit: Poison)

6. “The candles blew and then disappeared, the curtains flew and then he appeared” (mid-70s)
Don’t Fear the Reaper, Blue Oyster Cult (other hit: Burnin For You) 

7. “Wasted days, and sleepless nights, and I cant wait to see you again” (mid-80s)
Is  This Love, Whitesnake (other hit: Here I Go Again) 

8. “She want to come on stage and do her little dance, so I said chill for now but maybe later, you’ll get your chance” (late 80s)
Wild Thing, Tone Loc (other hit: Funky Cold Medina) 

9. ” Is there any just cause for feeling like this? On the surface, I’m a name on a list” (late 80s)
(I Just) Died in Your Arms Tonight, Cutting Crew (other hit: I’ve Been in Love Before) 

10. “Just get yourself untied, are you gonna do it?” (mid-80s)
Some Like it Hot, The Power Station (other hit: Get It On (Bang a Gong))


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