Friday Lyric Quiz, #447 (In Which I Offer Alternate ‘Christmas’ Songs)

Happy (Merry): Chanukah/Winter Solstice/Christmas/Kwanzaa/Boxing Day/Festivus, folks. And happy Friday, to boot! I’m nothing if not politically correct. And so.

This holiday season, instead of focusing on Christmas carols (the traditional – ‘Away in a Manger’ – and the modern – ‘All I Want for Christmas is You!’), I thought I’d try something different. All of the songs below are not Christmas songs at all, yet they mention the word ‘Christmas’ at least once in their lyrics. It comes up a bit more than you might think.

Tiny hint – numbers 4 and 9 are by the same artist.  Odd, right?

Hope blessings are yours this holiday season.

Friday Lyric Quiz #447

1. “Everyday Christmas, give Travie a wish list … I’d probably pull an Angelina and Brad Pitt” (early 2010s)

2. “He was born a pauper to a pawn on a Christmas day” (early 70s)

3. “Sometimes I think you’re just too good for me … every day is Christmas, and every night is new year’s eve” (mid-80s)

4. “They have never been poor, they have never had the joy of a welfare Christmas” (late 90s)

5. “Met my old lover in the grocery store, the snow was falling Christmas Eve” (early 80s)

6. “Six a.m., day after Christmas, I throw some clothes on in the dark” (late 90s)

7. “New York, like a Christmas tree, tonight this city belongs to me” (late 80s)

8. “No Libra sun, no Halloween, no giving thanks to all the Christmas joy you bring” (mid-80s)

9. “I got a guitar on Christmas day, I dreamed that Jimmy Page would come to Santa Monica” (early 2000s)

10. “I’ll never forget that Christmas I sat up the whole night crying, cause Daddy felt like a bum, see Daddy had a job” (mid-2000s)

Answers to Friday Lyric Quiz #446

1.  “I’m never alone, I’m alone all the time, are you at one or do you lie” (mid-90s)
Glycerine, Bush

2.  “Just cause you’re right, that don’t mean I’m wrong, another shoulder to cry upon” (mid-80s)
Your Love, The Outfield

3.  “Now what’s bad is you’re the one that hooked us up knowing it should’ve been you” (late 90s)
You Make Me Wanna … , Usher

4. “I ain’t talking no big deals I ain’t made no plans myself” (early 80s)
Hurts So Good, John Cougar (Mellencamp)

5. “Why is everybody so obsessed? Money can’t buy us happiness” (early 2010s)
Price Tag, Jessie J (f B.O.B.)

6. “He lives in his own heaven collects it to go from the seven eleven” (mid-80s)
Rebel Yell, Billy Idol

7. “Well you can cut a rug, watching you’s the only drug I need ” (late 2000s)
Hey, Soul Sister, Train

8. “You got too many bees in your honey and I’m just another word in your page” (early 90s)
Unskinny Bop, Poison

9. “They say, I only think in the form of crunching numbers” (late 2000s)
Thnks fr the Mmrs, Fall Out Boy

10. “When you’re on a holiday you can’t find the words to say” (early 2000s)
Island in the Sun, Weezer


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