Friday Lyric Quiz, #450

Happy Friday, everyone!  Between the holidays, my birthday, and random mini-breaks here and there, I haven’t had a five-day work week since November 14th – ooof!  The days were long for this one, my friends. I know, I know, world’s tiniest violin.

Quiz number 450 features song titles beginning with the letter “C.”  Should be fairly self-explanatory. (Side note: with each passing round number, I feel more and more nostalgic for the days when I was writing up Quiz number 6).  But before we get to all that fun, I thought I’d review a few of this week’s newsworthy items from the world of music.

–Van Halen, complete with David Lee Roth at the mic, releases its first new single (“Tattoo“) in seven million years. It ain’t “Jump.”  It’s not “Hot For Teacher.”  It’s not even “Tattoo” by Jordin Sparks.  But it’s not the worst thing I’ve ever heard either.  Forgettable rock and roll.  And Roth’s pipes still sound passable.  We’ll see how they hold up on tour this summer.

–Hip-hop princess Blue Ivy was born on Saturday night and within literal hours was recorded for the Jay-Z song “Glory.”  Take that, Willow Smith.

–The 2012 Coachella lineup was announced.  Headliners include the Black Keys, Radiohead, and the double Dre/Snoop billing.  Undercards include Bon Iver, Arctic Monkeys, Cat Power, Noel Gallagher, The Shins, Florence + the Machine, Girl Talk, and Feist.  But what’s really interesting?  Mazzy Star and Madness.  Now, I’m out of the musical loop a bit these days, but is this the same Madness that I remember?

In which case … who wants to road trip to sunny SoCal?  

Without further ado, let’s start this quiz, shall we?

Friday Lyric Quiz #450 [scroll down for last week’s answers]

1. “Bumping and grinding like a slow jam, it’s West side so you know the row, won’t bow down to no man” (mid-90s)

2. “Jump to the jam boogy woogy jam slam, bust the dialect, I’m the man in command” (early 90s)

3. “And I hope this message stays in your mind, ’cause you almost lost a girl who is right on time” (mid-80s)

4. “Do you remember there was a time … when people on the street were walking hand in hand in hand” (late 80s)

5. “I need a sign to let me know you’re here, cause my TV set just keeps it all from being clear” (early 2000s)

6. “And when you feel the heat the world is at your feet, no one can hold you down if you really want it” (late 90s)

7. “And what was I thinking when the world didn’t end, why didn’t I know what I know now” (early 2000s)

8. “My life has been such a whirlwind since I saw you, I’ve been running round in circles in my mind” (mid-80s)

9. “Times have changed for sailors these days, when I’m in port, I get what I need” (late 70s)

10. “I’ll be your whatever you want, the bong in this reggae song” (early 90s)

Answers to Friday Lyric Quiz #449

1. “We’ve tried to wash our hands of all of this, we never talk of our lacking relationships” (late 90s)
The Freshmen, The Verve Pipe

2. “Settle for a girl from the upper-town, send it to the crowd that’s gathered round” (mid-2000s)
Steady As She Goes, The Raconteurs

3. “Who counts the money underneath the bar, who rides the wrecking ball into our guitars” (mid-80s)
We Built This City, Starship

4. “Now I believe in what you say is the undisputed truth, but I have to have things my own way, to keep me in my youth” (late 70s)
Goodbye Stranger, Supertramp

5. “Cause the spirit of Jah, you know he leads you on” (early 80s)
Pass the Dutchie, Musical Youth

6. “Street lights blink on through the car window, I get the time too often on AM radio” (early 90s)
Found Out About You, Gin Blossoms

7. “Staring blankly ahead just making my way, making a way through the crowd” (early 2000s)
A Thousand Miles, Vanessa Carlton

8. “And she’ll be waiting on me naked with one of my chains on” (early 2010s)
5 O’Clock, T. Pain (f Wiz Khalifa and Lily Allen)

9. “I do believe it’s true, that there are roads left in both of our shoes” (mid-2000s)
Soul Meets Body, Death Cab For Cutie

10. “Your never-ending spree of death and violence and hate is gonna tie your own rope” (mid-90s)
Come Out and Play (Keep ‘Em Separated), The Offspring


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