Friday Lyric Quiz, Number 453

Well, hello there.  It appears as though I took a bit of a break from ye olde lyric quiz. But I am so very back! One of the catalysts behind my hiatus was a bit of a change on the professional front, so I thought I’d turn that real-life shift into some quiz inspiration.

Check it out … all of the lyrics below come from songs that have something to do with work. Loving one’s job, hating one’s job, being nonplussed but apathetic about one’s job. It’s a common theme, even when you look outside of Springsteen and John Cougar Mellencamp records. Also, there is a preponderance of selections from the early 80s, so this was an especially popular theme back then. Blame Ronnie Reagan.

This Friday, your job is to guess these songs/corresponding artists. And have a good weekend, everybody!

Friday Lyric Quiz #453 [scroll down for answers to the last quiz]

1. “He tells me in his bedroom voice, ‘come on honey, let’s go make some noise'” (mid-80s)

2. “You’re in the same boat with a lotta your friends, waiting for the day your ship’ll come in” (early 80s)

3. “Everyone’s hoping, it’ll all work out, everyone’s waiting, they’re holding out” (early 80s)

4. “Sometimes I catch myself starting into space, counting down the hours ’til I get to see your face” (mid-2000s)

5. “Every day when I get home from work, I feel so frustrated, the boss is a jerk” (early 80s)

6. “Hundred dollar car note, two hundred rent; I get a check on Friday, but it’s all ready spent” (early 80s)

7. “My mother and father, my wife and my friends, you’ve seen them laugh in my face” (late 70s)

8. “So the graduations hang on the wall, but they never really helped us at all” (early 80s)

9. “28 years have come and gone and she’s seen a lot of tears” (early 80s)

10. “I saved up my money and I put it all away, I went to see her daddy but we didn’t have much to say” (mid-80s)

Answers to Friday Lyric Quiz #452

1. “This club will hopefully be closed in three weeks, that would be cool with me” (late 2000s)
Paralyzer, Finger Eleven

2. “What a cold and rainy day. Where on earth is the sun hid away?” (late 80s)
Like the Weather, 10,000 Maniacs

3. “From council of one, he’ll decide when he’s done” (mid-2000s)
From Yesterday, 30 Seconds to Mars

4. “Sit yourself down, take a seat, all you gotta do is repeat after me” (early 70s)
ABC, The Jackson 5

5. “It always ends up this way, me beggin’ you every day” (early 90s)
Here I Am, UB40

6. “God money, let’s go dancing on the backs of the bruised” (early 90s)
Head Like a Hole, Nine Inch Nails

7. “Somebody help me through this nightmare, I can’t control myself” (mid-2000s)
Animal I Have Become, Three Days Grace

8. “Always I know, you’ll be at my show. Watching, waiting, commiserating” (late 90s)
All the Small Things, blink-182

9. “Too rich or too poor, she’s wanting me less and I’m wanting her more” (mid-90s)
Cumbersome, Seven Mary Three

10. “From some other planet I get this funky high on yellow sun” (late 90s)
Real World, Matchbox 20


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