6 Disturbing Facts About My ‘Titanic’ Obsession

OMG, y’all. It’s back. The ultimate tale of hubris and ill-fated love on the high seas. Jack and Rose! Kathy Bates kicking ass! 1997’s best CGI! Poor dead Gloria Stuart! Victor Garber sadly moving a clock forward by hand! A 3-D version comes out at midnight, and I’ve enjoyed all the lead up to this blessed event.

In 1997, I was 23 years old and did I ever LOVE Titanic. The costumes, the story, even the soundtrack. Most of all I loved Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio. Too bad neither of them ever did anything else.


How much did I love Titanic?  Well, I’m glad you asked.

1. My eBay handle, created in the winter of 1998, is beth41512. No, that’s not a random number, silly! It represents April 15, 1912. The day the Titanic sank. Of course.

2. I was once part of an AOL chat room about Titanic. The movie, not the actual ship/tragedy. In it people posited how there could be a sequel. One theory was that Jack Dawson wasn’t actually dead at the end (spoiler alert!) and in fact gets carted off by dolphins to some island somewhere where he lives out a happy but Rose-less life. This indicates the other kinds of people in this chat room.

3. I ordered the official movie poster and spent some of my 23-year-old salary to have it custom framed. Said custom frame was broken in a 2003 move. It had a good run.

Titanic Poster, Kate and Leo

4. Because I couldn’t bear the thought of surviving the five or so months between the movie’s four-month long theatrical release and its debut on VHS, I ordered a bootleg (VHS) copy of the movie from Canada. Which of course I never watched. (4b: I bought the regular version and the widescreen version on VHS, as recommended by Entertainment Weekly. You watch the first half adjusted for television and the second, more action-packed half, in widescreen. I never did this.)

5. I saw it in the theater five times. Five and a half, if you count the time I left Spice World in the middle of it and ducked into the next theater for my Billy Zane fix.

6. I already bought tickets to Titanic 3-D. When buying in advance at this particular theater, you get to pick your own seat, which is awesome. Let’s just say I bought early enough that I had my pick of any seat I wanted in the entire place.

I haven’t watched Titanic in full since about 2002. Who knows how it will make me feel. More sad? Less exhilarated? Equally hopeful that this time the ship will somehow veer around that iceberg? More CLOSE TO THE ACTION since it’s in 3-D, after all? I’ll be sure and let you know next week.


4 thoughts on “6 Disturbing Facts About My ‘Titanic’ Obsession

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