What You May Have Missed (a/k/a Shameless Self-Promotion)

InvestorPlace Greatest Hits (Wendy's, Wal-Mart, Taco Bell, Oscars)Hello, friends. As previously mentioned, Neurotic City has taken an unfortunate back seat to my other new-ish writing gig over at InvestorPlace.com. It’s not the sexiest place on earth (that, of course, is Gawker), but it does offer a bevy of information for the stock/ETF/fund/options investor, regardless of experience level. And often presents said information in relatively entertaining fashion.

I get to write under my own byline (a relatively new development since I used to work at a federally regulated financial company, forcing me behind a curtain of anonymity), work with some fine folks, and occasionally have a little fun. And during my few months there, I’ve somehow established myself as a go-to for stories about the fast-food industry. My parents are so proud.

So following one of my BFF’s examples (since I steal about 70% of all ideas from her), I thought I would share some recent articles of which I am most proud. Not so coincidentally, these articles are also among the more accessible ones I’ve written (i.e., suitable for stock-market dummies novices).

5 Things Wal-Mart Has That Amazon Doesn’t  (Hint: it’s not a site devoted to pictures of its patrons looking like hideous monsters.)

One Woman’s Take on Augusta National’s Old-Fashioned Rule

6 Biggest Market Surprises of the First Quarter

4 Reasons Why Wendy’s Will Never Top McDonald’s (Start with: your fries are f*cking terrible.)

Doritos Taco Keeps YUM Looking Tasty  (I was born to write this.)

Oscar Nods Mean Little for Investors (Or to anyone, really.)

Check out all my articles here. You’ll also see the semi-professional byline headshot my “friends” at my old job used to joke was taken when I was in high school (it’s actually circa 2010).  No, I’d always respond, you jokers just aged me that much during my tenure there. George-W.-Bush style.

Happy Monday, everybody! Hope the Easter/Passover weekend was one to remember.

And btw, Titanic 3D was awesome, even though the whole 3D aspect was nothing to write home about. It holds up and remains affecting, despite the Cameron cheese. Rose Dawson forever!


One thought on “What You May Have Missed (a/k/a Shameless Self-Promotion)

  1. Finally caught up on this one…loving your bylines. Makes me miss not only you but my college marketing classes. Perfect mix of business and fun (a byline mullet!!) 🙂 LOVE YOU!

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