Friday Lyric Quiz, No. 465 (The Rookie Edition)

The Killers Somebody Told Me cover

Totally Irrelevant to this Discussion.

As I heard song number six on this quiz yesterday morning, I thought “You know, I don’t like any other song by [this band] better than [this song], which was their first-ever popular single.” It’s a sad state of affairs to see an act peak right out of the gate (though 98% of you may disagree with this example – you’ll see next week).

Anyway, it gave me a theme.  All of the songs below were the first successful (in the U.S., at least) singles from these fairly prolific acts. Not all went downhill from there. Just a few.

In other news, happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone! Wishing you fair temperatures, tasty grill-ables, cold beverages, and friends to share them with.

Friday Lyric Quiz #465 [scroll down for answers to last week’s quiz]

1. “And I get discouraged ’cause you treat me just like a child. And they say I’m so shy but with you I just go wild!” (late 70s)

2. “Fingernails are pretty, fingernails are good” (mid-90s)

3. “Or a prisoner in the dark, tied up in chains you just can’t see Or a beast in a gilded cage, that’s all some people ever want to be ” (mid-80s)

4. “And the waitress is practicing politics, as the businessmen slowly get stoned” (mid-70s)

5. “I put myself in this position, and I deserve the imposition” (early 80s)

6. “I can’t run and I can’t kick, what’s a-matter babe, are you feelin’ sick?” (mid-90s)

7. “I don’t care if it hurts, I want to have control” (early 90s)

8. “The newspapers say … say … say it’s true, it’s true, and we can break through” (early 80s)

9. “They’re made of lipstick, plastic and paint, a touch of sable in their eyes” (mid-80s)

10. “I swam across, I jumped across for you” (early 2000s)

Answers to Friday Lyric Quiz #464 [No theme]

1. “She taught me how to trust, and to believe in us” (early 2000s)
Right Now, SR-71

2. “Your hair is brown. Your eyes are hazel, and soft as clouds.” (early 80s)
Turning Japanese, The Vapors

3. “The sweet words you whispered, didn’t mean a thing” (late 80s)
Could’ve Been, Tiffany

4. “If I had just one wish, only one demand, I hope he’s not like me, I hope he understands” (early 2000s)
With Arms Wide Open, Creed

5. “The twisting kaleidoscope moves us all in turn” (mid-90s)
Can You Feel the Love Tonight, Elton John

6. “Things look so bad everywhere. In this whole world, what is fair?” (late 80s)
Higher Love, Steve Winwood

7. “I’ll never be your mother’s favorite. Your daddy can’t even look me in the eye” (early 2010s)
It Will Rain, Bruno Mars

8. “With every day that passes, I fall nearer to the ground” (late 80s)
Dreaming, Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark (OMD)

9. “Though I’ve tried to resist, being last on your list, but no other man’s gonna do” (mid-80s)
Saving All My Love For You, Whitney Houston

10. “Don’t need make-up to cover up, being the way that you are is enough.” (early 2010s)
What Makes You Beautiful, OneDirection


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