Friday Lyric Quiz, No. 468 (The Ladies Love Cool James Edition)

LL Cool JDon’t call it a comeback! My last lyric quiz, number 467, was on June 1, 2012. Sorry for those among you desperate for the answers — they’re below. I thought I would dust off this old game, for at least until I run out of ideas again.

Since this is my first quiz in many moons, I figured the theme should correspond in some way. So all the songs below can be considered “comeback” singles — hits from artists that dipped off the radar for a decent period of time. Maybe their careers weren’t considered “over,” per se, but there were some serious hiatuses in effect. Good luck, and happy holidays!

Friday Lyric Quiz #468 [scroll down for answers to last week’s quiz]

1. “Out from the barrio, you hear my rhythm from your radio” (late ’90s)

2. “You’re my medicine, open up and let me in” (early ’80s)

3. “Your sweet moonbeam, the smell of you in every single dream I dream” (late ’00s)

4. “Sayin’ love put me wise to her love in disguise” (late ’80s)

5. “Here, beside the news of holy war and holy need, ours is just a little sorrowed talk” (early ’90s)

6. “If I tend to look dazed, I’ve read it someplace, I’ve got cause to be” (mid-’80s)

7. “You got my display of affection, feels like no one else in the room” (late ’00s)

8. “You gonna need a shoulder to cry on, classic Mustang Cobra to ride on.” (mid-’00s)

9. “One person conditioned to rule and control, the media sells it and you live the role.” (early ’80s)

10. “Time can bring you down, time can bend your knees.” (early ’90s)

Answers to Friday Lyric Quiz #467 [Songs that mention swimming]

1. “Using symbols, using words can be likened to a deep-sea diver who is swimming with a raincoat” (late 90s)
I Want You, Savage Garden

2. “Voices tell me, I should carry on. But I am swimming in an ocean all alone” (mid-2000s)
Incomplete, Backstreet Boys 

3. ” Can I come over, after school?  We can hang around, by the pool” (early 2000s)
Stacy’s Mom, Fountains of Wayne

4. “She swam by me, she got a cramp”  (late 70s)
Summer Nights, John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John 

5. “Boys in bikinis, girls in surfboards. Everybody’s rocking, everybody’s frugging”  (early 80s)
Rock Lobster, B-52s

6. “Sometimes we swim around, like the dolphins in the ocean of our hearts”  (early 2000s)
Every Other Time, LFO

7. “She was afraid to come out in the open, and so she sat bundled up on the shore” (early 60s)
Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, Bryan Hyland

8. “Her bikini – small; heels – tall, she said, she liked the ocean” (late 80s)
Going Back to Cali, LL Cool J

9. “All that night and all the next, swam without looking back, made for the Western pools, silly, silly fools”  (late 70s)
Barracuda, Heart

10. “The ice we skate is getting pretty thin, the water’s getting warm so you might as well swim”  (late 90s)
All Star, Smashmouth


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