Friday Lyric Quiz, No. 471 (The Fleur De Lis Edition)

Pickpockets and Loose WomenI just returned from a long-overdue trip to New Orleans, which has always been my home-away-from-home.  Mom grew up there, and Dad’s hometown is about an hour up I-55, so both my grandmothers were there for much of my life, and many aunts/uncles/cousins remain. It’s pretty much the perfect city in which one can have free lodging.  The food, the laidback attitude, the architecture, the spirit of its residents.

This trip was a little unusual. Because I tend to bring historically significant meteorological phenomena with me wherever I go (record snowfalls, an end to weeks-long droughts, etc.), it went without saying that New Orleans was destined to suffer record-setting low temperatures.  And then my cousin’s house — in which I was staying — lost heat for the third time in a month, despite the system being brand-spanking new.  So there wasn’t a lot of Quarter time.  Or shuffling around.  I ate nary a proper beignet. But plenty of seafood and Abita and good family time was had.  And I need to get a spring or fall trip on the calendar.

In light of my recent adventure, and to peripherally support the Saints before they take on the Seahawks (at home) in the playoffs tomorrow, today’s quiz features songs that reference The Big Easy.  Number 2 is an absolute gimmee. Actually, I shall dare say a lot of these are easier than most.  Maybe because all of the songs have been around since the early ’70s?  ‘Twas a popular time to try rhyming things with “Orleans.”

Answers to Friday Lyric Quiz #471 [scroll down for last week’s answers]

1. “Gold coast slave ship bound for cotton fields, sold in a market down in New Orleans” (early ’70s)

2. “He met Marmalade down in old New Orleans” (mid-’70s)

3. “Deep down Louisiana, close to New Orleans, way back up in the woods among the evergreens” (late ’50s)

4. “It was the summer I turned eighteen, we lived in a one-room, rundown shack on the outskirts of New Orleans” (early ’90s)

5. “My father was a gambling man, down in New Orleans” (mid-’60s)

6. “Well, I read some books,  and I read some magazines, about those high-class ladies down in New Orleans” (early ’70s)

7. “Thumbed a diesel down, just before it rained. It rode us all the way to New Orleans” (early ’70s)

8. “I’m on my way to New Orleans this morning, leaving out of Nashville, Tennessee” (early ’70s)

9. “Halfway home, we’ll be there by morning. Through the Mississippi darkness, rolling down to the sea” (early ’70s)

10. “Pumped a lot of ‘pane down in New Orleans” (late ’60s)

Answers to Friday Lyric Quiz #470 [Winter Weather]

1. “Love is a bird, she needs to fly, let all the hurt inside you die”(late ’90s)
Frozen, Madonna

2. “From the coastline to the city, all the little pretties raise their hands” (mid-’70s)
Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out, Bruce Springsteen

3. “Seasons change with their scenery, weaving time in a tapestry” (mid ’60s, late ’80s)
Hazy Shade of Winter, Simon & Garfunkel/The Bangles

4. “We, used to be, just like twins, so in sync” (late ’00s)
Hot N Cold, Katy Perry

5. “You’re digging for gold yet throwing away, a fortune in feelings but someday you’ll pay” (early ’70s)
Cold as Ice, Foreigner

6. “Step from the road to the sea to the sky, and I do believe that we rely on” (mid-’00s)
Snow (Hey-Oh), Red Hot Chili Peppers

7. “Well, maybe just a cigarette more … Oh, never such a blizzard before” (early ’60s)
Baby, It’s Cold Outside, Various

8. “I’m the burning bush, I’m the burning fire, I’m the bleeding volcano” (early ’80s)
She’s So Cold, The Rolling Stones

9. “Gonna take her home cause she’s over romancing, don’t wanna hold hands and talk about her plans alright” (mid-’00s)
Cold Hard Bitch, Jet

10. “She bit my lip and drank my warmth, from years before, from years before” (mid-’00s)
Love Like Winter, AFI



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