FFWDing to the Best Part: “What’s the World Coming To,” Fleetwood Mac (2003)

Disclosure that some of you may or may not know already: I mother-effing LOVE Fleetwood Mac. Loved them as a three-year old, when reportedly I would sing certain phrases of “Second Hand News” verbatim (specifically, “won’t you lay me down in the tall grass and let me do my stuff”). Loved them recently, when I saw them in concert and have the $45 tee shirt to prove it. How Stevie Nicks could be wrapped in layers of black velvet while Lindsey and John and Mick sweat it out in tees and jeans is a mystery for the ages. Were I to ever trip my way into having a son (or get the honor of naming a friend-baby/cousin), the middle name might just be Fleetwood. (Thereby ensuring I never get such honor.)

When decompressing after the aforementioned show, I started listening to all of the band’s offerings on my iPhone.  I always liked “What’s the World Coming To,” and exclaimed “Oh! New Fleetwood Mac” when it started playing, quickly realizing that it is nearly 11 years old. But it’s all relative, because it is from what is still, in fact, their most recent album.

This wasn’t a single/hit, so very few of you will know it, and the only YouTube clip I could find (other than live performances) was lacking in video (or correct spelling), so [sic] all over the place. The basic theme of this song is “Stop this world, I wanna get off,” or “Life’s a bitch, and then you die,” or “Get off my lawn,” but the chipper percussion and fast tempo betray the underlying cynicism.

And then, at the best part? From 3:14 – 3:21,  Lindsey Buckingham sets off on a rousing vocal arpeggio that suggests he might have a little hope in this dark, dark world after all.  A similar run takes us into the close.  And for the record, WOW does Stevie Nicks look beautiful in the picture on the screen at the same time.  No wonder he’s been so pissed at her all these years.


One thought on “FFWDing to the Best Part: “What’s the World Coming To,” Fleetwood Mac (2003)

  1. Listening to the song before reading your commentary, “Get off my lawn” were the exact words that it conjured in my head too. Peppy music can make the bitterest screed seem chipper, as we saw in “Alone Again, Naturally.”

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