Well, hello there. Most of you know me as Beth. A legacy of bad web-etiquette choices has resulted in an alter ego of “Lucy” to a few of you out there. Sorry about that; I’ll answer to either under protest. In the interest of full disclosure, this is my fourth blog in three years but maybe this one will stick. I write about movies, books, song lyrics, karaoke attempts (both successful and failed), and most importantly, the minutiae of life, all of which I see through the haze of an omnipresent anxiety (at least I’m past the first step of recognizing my problem).

I’m part Kermit the Frog, part Howard Stern, a bigger part Liz Lemon, and almost entirely well-meaning. I also have two different-colored eyes, which either means I’m a child of the devil or just really, really lucky to be grouped with the likes of Elizabeth Berkley and Wentworth Miller. The jury is still out.

I’d love for you to let me know what you think – stop being polite, and start getting real.


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