All That and a Bags of Chips (In Which I Question the Mad Men of Frito-Lay) 

All right, guys, there is a commercial on right now that confuses the hell out of me.  I see it ALL THE TIME because I watch a lot of my televised programming on my iPad, which lends itself to a lot of forced promotional messages.

So there’s this spot for Lay’s potato chips, see:

The premise: a young, attractive woman has just moved into a new apartment, and alerts the world (through a generic social media platform) that she is “Reeeally looking forward to tonight!”

She’s in a cute top, wearing nice earrings.  She sets out three wine glasses.  Turns on some tunes via a hipster-retro LP player (probably something she just pretends to like, like Marvin Gaye).  Bites into a ribbed-for-her-actual-pleasure chip.  Beams. Is transformed ….

… into yoga pants (though still wears the earnings).  A social-media pal asks, “Big party at the new place?”  She responds, “Just a party of 1.”  Drinks her (one) glass of wine.  Enjoys her now-solo bag of chips.  Stares.

What just happened?

Is the point that you should relish in and appreciate solo time as much as moments among friends?  (Maybe because party clothes are so binding.)  Fine by me. But then, why the initial three wine glasses?  Production-assistant error?

OR is the point that she is so taken with these delicious effing chips that she cancels on her two guests to hoover them (the chips, not the guests) all down herself? Is “No one can share even one” the new “no one can eat just one?”  What’s wrong with this woman? (Sidebar: If this IS the case, it’s introduced way too subtlety.)  I I do not like her if this is the scenario.  And she’s going to have to get a new size of yoga pants if this behavior continues.

Also, my cousin and I just debated this for 20+ minutes, and it makes me want to buy Wavy Lay’s no more than at the beginning of the analysis.

Friends in advertising (or otherwise), what am I missing?