A Song That Reminds You of an Event …

Task 7 on the “30” Day Music Challenge … a song that reminds you of an event.

There’s been a complete unintended hiatus from the ole Neurotic City, because I’ve been trying to think of something for this for weeks. I have rarely struggled with writer’s block more, and I’ve had some bouts, believe you me.  What constitutes an ‘event,’ really?  Does it need to be something life-altering, like a wedding … or a death?

Can it be something fleeting and trivial, such as that one time I heard Miley Cyrus’ ‘See You Again’ in an H&M in Atlanta and noted with bemusement that every world-weary hipster in the place was singing along?

Or is it those collection of songs I heard non-stop in March 2001 when recovering from the flu on my couch and glued to MTV2?  (Which, oddly enough, STILL SHOWED VIDEOS then.)  Those were, if anyone cares, Lifehouse’s ‘Hanging By a Moment,’ Nelly Furtado’s ‘I’m Like a Bird,’ and Alien Ant Farm’s ‘Movies.’

The bf said his might be something that reminded him of a concert.  I openly mocked him, saying that’s akin to writing that “Gimme Shelter” reminds me of someone, and that someone is Mick Jagger. (Unless, I guess, the mental connection is not directly linear … Foo Fighters’ ‘Everlong’ reminds me of that time I saw the Foo Fighters is different — and therefore less allowed/excusable — than Food Fighters’ ‘Everlong’ reminds me of that one time I was at an Elton John concert, because I heard it on a loop while waiting to get out of the parking lot for 50 minutes.) Whatever, I’m a jerk.

Alice CooperI do associate a handful of late-1989 songs with a particular event of sorts. I was in a play — a musical (!) version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream — and as became my lot in life throughout my high school musical ‘career,’ I had a super tiny role.  (This, after winning ‘Best Actress’ in the 8th grade for my star-making turn as a hillbilly infested with fleas!  But that’s a story for another day.)

ANYWAY, my super tiny role kept me firmly hidden backstage where I belonged. I gossiped with fellow ‘actors,’ drank Diet Dr. Pepper, and — when there was nothing else to do — listened to the ‘Open House Party’ broadcast on my Walkman radio.  The description of this is better JFG’d, but suffice to say it was a syndicated weekend-night radio program for immature and friendless dumb-dumbs.  During the two-week Midsummer run, I frequently heard: ‘Love Shack’ (B-52’s), ‘Poison’ (Alice Cooper), and ‘Pump Up the Jam’ (Technotronic). Hey, at least OHP had all bases covered, from New Wave to Pseudo-Metal to ‘Dance.’  So to this day, when I hear any of these, I picture my 15-year-old bespectacled self, sitting cross-legged on a dirty linoleum floor, halfway enjoying the songs that would define my sophomore year. Btw, ‘Love Shack’ is terrible.  Among the band’s worst, and such a pity that it’s also their most famous.

Thanks for letting me ramble. I hope Day 8 is a bit more cohesive.